TVMA About Us

For over a decade, TVMA has offered mediation programs to attorneys, Rule 31 mediators and community mediators. These programs enhance the skills of mediators in East Tennessee.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. Mediation uses the services of a neutral, the mediator (and sometimes a team of mediators), to facilitate discussion between parties with the aim of finding and recording a resolution that works well for that situation. These mediations may be related to court action, such as a divorce mediation, or be outside the purview of the courts.

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Here are some examples of how mediation is used:

    • Divorce mediation, in which couples go through the process of uncoupling their assets and lives, while protecting their children.
    • Civil mediations such as disputes between
      1. contractors and landowners, or
      2. landlords and tenants, or
      3. home associations and homeowners
    • Parenting mediation between never-married parents.
    • Mediation between parents and teenagers.
    • Resolving disputes between neighbors.
    • Clarifying disagreements between church groups.
    • Delineating responsibilities in matters of auto sales and service.
    • Mediation of disputes between couples who wish to continue to remain a couple.

Mediators have training to assist everyone to find ways to transform conflict into a positive, constructive avenue to a more fruitful and serene future relationship.Mediation is intended to facilitate communication between people and find solutions through clarifying needs and exploring options that best meet the unique situation and circumstances.

TVMA is made up of an eclectic group of non-lawyer and lawyer mediators with diverse backgrounds. Members collaborate to provide better mediation skills and practices to the East Tennessee community.

Tennessee Valley Mediation Association is a 501(c) non-profit organization with the mission to provide Rule 31 mediation training and continuous education for existing and prospective professionals wanting to perform mediation services. The TVMA offers Rule 31 training in civil and family law.

TVMA Mission Statement

The Tennessee Valley Mediation Association has two distinct missions: to foster high quality mediation and to promote mediation as an alternative dispute resolution process. TVMA is an inclusive organization that welcomes all supporters of mediation and alternative dispute resolution practices.

TVMA Strategic Plan

The TVMA will host monthly hour long presentations year round on particular mediation subjects. Continuing education credit will be available for each program as appropriate for attorneys and Rule 31 mediators under the guidelines of the Tennessee AOC and the CLE Commission.

The TVMA is committed to promoting mediation and conflict resolution practices and increasing public awareness.