TVMA About Us

Within every relationship, there is a possibility for conflict. The TVMA is here to help. How we view conflict informs us on how to deal with it. Some people prefer to avoid it. Others like to engage in the use of power. And others use conflict as a positive force for change.

TVMA - Quote by RumiMediators have training to assist everyone to find ways to transform conflict into a positive, constructive avenue to a different way of being together in their future relationship.

Mediation is intended to facilitate communication between people and find solutions through clarifying their interests and needs and exploring all options at their disposal that best meets their unique situation and circumstances.

Our organization is made up of an eclectic group of non-lawyer and lawyer mediators with diverse backgrounds. Members collaborate to achieve individual goals and needs to better understand and implement the conflict resolution process.

Training occurs in various ways; initial and continuous education. There are two programs for candidates: Rule 31 Civil Law - General and Rule 31 Family Law. Continuous education occurs once per month.

Tennessee Valley Mediation Association is a 501(c) non-profit organization with the mission to provide Rule 31 mediation training and continuous education for existing and prospective professionals wanting to perform mediation services. The TVMA offers Rule 31 training in civil and family law.

TVMA Mission Statement

The Tennessee Valley Mediation Association has two distinct missions: to foster high quality mediation and to promote mediation as an alternative dispute resolution process. TVMA is an inclusive organization that welcomes all supporters of mediation and alternative dispute resolution practices.

TVMA Strategic Plan

The TVMA will host monthly hour long presentations from September through May on particular mediation subjects, including peer reviews of actual cases and Simulation Saturdays (see Sim Sat. mission statement) where cases will be role played and discussed. Continuing education credit will be available for each program as appropriate under the guidelines of the Tennessee AOC and the CLE Commission.

The TVMA is committed to hosting events that profile mediation and conflict resolution practices and increasing public awareness through these events, as well as sponsoring a Speaker’s Bureau. The Speaker’s Bureau will be made up of members trained in using a PowerPoint presentation created by fellow mediators for presentations to a variety of community groups and organizations. The events may be workshops for Continuing Education credits in conflict resolution and / or events to celebrate mediation and community mediators.