Rule 31 Mediation

Rule 31 Mediation - Definition

Mediation is the process by which parties can resolve disputes free of court involvement. Rule 31 Mediation was adopted by the State of Tennessee to provide the legal boundaries, rules, and procedures to make mediation legally binding.

Rule 31 Mediation - Purpose

The purpose of mediation is self-determination of the parties. Hence, this process if party-focused.

•Helps people resolve disputes.

•Uses a neutral facilitator to guide disputants through the mediation process.

•Focuses on the future.

•Identifies the issues of the dispute.

•Helps clarify misunderstandings.

•Explores solutions of the dispute and attempts to find a resolution.

Rule 31 Mediation - Benefits

Here are the benefits that parties can realize with mediation.

•Explores the fact of dispute.

•Disputants get all points out for discussion.

•It's a proven process to solve disputes.

•All disputants contribute to the solution.

•Allows disputants to "create" their own future.

•Disputants are encouraged to look at any possible solution.

•What is said in Mediation, stays in Mediation.


Rule 31 Mediation - Features

Here is a list of features that occur when Rule 31 mediation is used.

•Confidential-between all parties and the mediator.

•Objective-the mediator has no vested interest – the third side.

•Honest-because of the confidentiality and objectivity, honesty becomes possible.

•Structured-mediation is a process.

•Collaborative -encourages and empowers the participants to make informed decisions.

•Flexible -the process explores perceptions and looks at issues from variety of perspectives.

•Creative - allows for creative expression of options to meet the unique circumstances of the participants.

Rule 31 Mediation - Users

The potential users of mediation is any number of parties that have a dispute. Here are some typical places where it's used.

•Court systems.


•Within families.

•Church organizations.

•Business organizations.

•Community organizations.

•Administrative Agencies.